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OK is it just me or does there never seen to be enough cup holders in the car? When we traveled from Florida back home to Kansas, we decided to buy a couple of these for the car. We had 6 people, and the kids had their tablets and cords and headphones to keep track of. It seemed like we wouldn’t have enough space for all that and water bottles.

So I decided to invest in two of these for the back seats to use and I must say that it worked out perfectly. Each kid was able to have their own storage area along with 2 cup holders. It was used for the two pilot seats as the back had two cup holders and a storage compartment already b on each side.

Buy Caravelt

I was a little worried at how they would hold up. Would they stay sturdy and hold the drinks and snacks well? Or would they end up being a bad idea and not working correctly. Leaving me with a mess of water and snacks everywhere before we got very far out of town. These ended up being a huge life saver!

Buy Caravelt

Now I keep these in my car at all times. I find we use them constantly and not just when we are on long car trips. I even bought one for my nieces and nephews for their cars. I would highly recommend getting b one or two of these for your car, whether you use it for long travel or just everyday car rides.

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