Bumbu Rum Co The Original

Bumbu Rum is an all natural small batch craft rum that advertises itself as the “world’s most decorated rum” due to claiming the Triple Gold Medal at the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition.  It is handcrafted in Barbados where rum was invented some 400 years ago.  Bumbu’s “Original” is based on a recipe from 16th and 17th century West Indies sailors who used ingredients from the Caribbean. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Bumbu Rum Co The Original

I do have to admit that the first thing that caught my eye was the packaging and the bottle.  The bottle was inside a box that closed with magnetic fasteners.  Inside the box, the bottle was nestled in foam that hugged its curves.  The bottle itself is made of very thick, sturdy glass.  There is a tarnished metal “X” on the front of the bottle embedded into the glass.  As I admired first the box and then the bottle, I thought to myself:  “If they put this much time into the box and bottle then I can’t wait to try what’s inside!”

When I tried the original Bumbu Rum, I do have to admit I could not believe it was so smooth.  I am not a fan of harsh tasting alcohols in any way, but the Bumbu Rum was so smooth I could hardly believe I was tasting rum.  While it is smooth enough to drink by itself, it does taste great in drinks as well.  Whether you want to simply mix it with cola or try something more exotic, you can’t go wrong with Bumbu.  Check out bumbu.com for cocktail recipes such as:  the “West Indies Swizzle,” a delicious “Banana Daiquiri,” or go for the “Black Beard.”  While I have not tried all of these, they do sound delicious!  The fact that they are mixed with such a high quality rum in Bumbu, makes all the difference.  Although I tried the original Bumbu rum both plain and with cola (because that is what I had in the house when I got and I could not wait to try it!), you can bet that I will be shopping for ingredients to try the cocktails listed on their website as soon as I can!  There are many other resources on the web that contain recipes for Bumbu rum as well, or try replacing your current rum with Bumbu in your favorite drink and you will definitely notice a difference for the better!

Bumbu Rum Co The Original

Whether you are someone who enjoys a drink on a regular basis or only the occasional drink, Bumbu Rum is something you will definitely enjoy.  I will never drink another rum and as I said before, I do not like the taste of harsh alcohols.  I know that by purchasing Bumbu Rum, I will never have to worry about it tasting harsh or making my throat raw like other products will do.  Bumbu is so smooth!  I know I said that earlier, but it is sooooo true!  Try it for yourself and you will agree!



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