BuddyPhones equal No More Fighting #2017WOMRGIFTGUIDE

My daughters are 5 and 8. Lately it seems like they fight over everything!! Especially headphones and devices. It’s always “their” turn. Luckily Buddy phones has solved that problem! This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!


The new BuddyPhones Explore line features a built-in, volume limiting circuitry that caps the sound automatically at 85 decibels, which is the level recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for kids. Introducing flat cable design for less entanglement and lower choking risk, this latest edition of BuddyPhones comes with a detachable BuddyCable system that allows up to four audio cables to connect to one device, making it perfect for sharing. BuddyPhones Explore are exceptionally durable and bendy, and can be fully adjusted to different sizes. A built in microphone makes them ideal to use for calling grandma, grandpa and other buddies. The microphone is perfect to use with interactive learning apps and ideal for little scholars to use for study time.


My girls love BuddyPhones and so do I! They are always fighting over who gets to watch Netflix on the tablet. With BuddyPhones they both get to share the tablet but have their own head phones to listen to it. It really solves a lot of fights! I like that it comes with a safety feature so the volume can only get so high. It assures me their ears are safe! The pop out cord feature is also handy! It makes it easier for when the cord gets tangle and helps stop it from catching on items. Lastly they have a wide variety of colors that will make any of your kids happy!! My girls love the pink!


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