Beyblade Burst Avatar Attack Battle Set #2017WOMRGIFTGUIDE

My kids love anything they can compete against each other with, so the Beyblade Burst Avatar Attack Battle Set was a natural choice for them! This is a fun and unique toy option for Hasbro that will completely engage the older kids for hours and hours. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

This set includes Beyblade Burst: Energy Layers (2), Forge Discs (2), Performance Tips (2), Avatar Attack Beystadium (1), launchers (2), Avatar Attack Beystadium accessories (2), and instructions. It is compatible with the Beyblade Bubble app and is interchangeable with most other Beyblade Burst tops for a completely customizable way to play and battle.

 Beyblade Burst Avatar Attack Battle Set

My kids love the way the tops are designed to burst in battle after so many hits, for a really exciting addition to the toy. Assembly of the arena was easy, and overall we felt that this toy had a lot of improvements over some of the earlier Beyblade options.

This toy retails at about $50 an is well worth it. It is engaging and entertaining. My kids have been playing it for hours a day. We love that we can change up our tops to make the battles more spectacular!

This makes a great gift option for older kids. The stadium is durable, and the price is affordable. I love the idea of gifting things like the Beyblade Burst Avatar Attack Battle Set as it gives kids a chance to play with or without the app.

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