Being A Better Mom

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There is so much pressure to be the perfect mom these days. Everyone and their auntie has an opinion on how you should be raising your kids and what you should be doing with your time. So much so that some of the necessary things to being a better mom can be left out. Like, having time for yourself.


While many folks see this as a luxury, it actually isn’t. In fact, it is something that you need in order to function well as a mom, a wife, an employee or friend. So read on for some suggestions on taking some more time for yourself and how doing so can help you and your family.




The number one way in which you can take some more time for yourself as a mom is to get some more rest. I’m not sure there isn’t a single mother about that wouldn’t benefit from this.


Raising kids is hard work, and that is when everything is going right. When they are ill, or you have a mountain of ironing or a presentation to do for work, it can be truly exhausting!


So arranging a daddy play date or sending the kids to grandma for a night so you can catch on your rest can really make a difference.


It is also going to make you a better mom too because you will be more rested and less likely to be reactive in the way you treat your kids.




A great way of taking some time out for yourself every day when you are a mom is to practice some form of meditation. Meditation may help you become calmer and less stressed, as well as fostering a more compassionate attitude towards yourself as a parent.


There are many types of meditation to try. Popular ones include Yoga Nidra, or ‘The Sleep Of The God’s.’ This is where you good around the body with your conscious awareness. Or there is Vipassana meditation which is when you silent watch the breath.


 Being A Better Mom



Another important form of taking time for yourself is doing something romantic with your significant other. Remember you aren’t just a mom, you are also a valued and loved partner as well, and it is vital to nurture this relationship.


Having some time away from the family for a little romance can both give you a break, and boost your mood. Allowing you to return refreshed and motivated afterward.  


Fun Time


Having at least a little fun time every day is another way of taking time for yourself that can benefit your whole family.


Taking up something like a crafting hobby, or having a long bubble bath. Or even going to a dance class as are all things that can have a direct effect on making you a better mom.


This is because they break up the monotony of always being at home all the time. They also give you something that is just for you. As well as the satisfaction of achieving something that is outside of the family realm.


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