Become An Eco Warrior with Zeenia Doll

This is a sponsored post.  As with all the products I blog about, I use them personally and opinions are my own, I was not influenced in any way by the compensation I received. Zoey O loves doll. No matter were she’s at she has a doll in her hand. Recently I had a chance to review Zeenie Dollz. I was really pleased with what I learned. My daughter can be an eco warrior and play with dolls at the same time.


About Zennia Doll :

Zennia, also known as Mother Earth, is the protector of our planet. Her mission is to save the Earth and its creatures from the anti-environment villains-and to do it in style! Zennia herself is made of recyclable materials and comes with a fashionable brush to style her hair, a luggage tag, colorful bracelet and the doll stand is included as well.

   eco warrior doll

My Thoughts:

I love Zennia and so does Zoey O. The best part about it  is its eco friendly.  Zennia is known as Mother Earth. Seeing how the doll is made from recyclable material it to me it resembles the fact that we need to take care of Mother Earth.  It makes me feel good about my daughter playing it. From my daughter’s eyes is the perfect doll. The dress is very beautiful! The hair and headband matches the dress. Zoey O thinks it’s pretty neat because the arms and even the hands are adjustable. It makes it a lot easier and neater for her to play in the doll house with. When she was done playing with Zennia she just stored the doll on the stand on her dresser. She said “That way I can make sure it’s okay at all times.”

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