The Average Face of Santa and Mrs. Claus

Since the inception of the first Christmas films, Santa has been portrayed in an average yet iconic image.  You know the one:  red suit, white trim, matching hat, black boots, big fluffy white beard.

 Although it was not yet in color, what is believed to be the first Christmas film made in 1898 starring George Albert as Santa Claus featured a similar look.  Since then, many actors have portrayed Santa Claus, some in a much more classic fashion such as Tim Allen (The Santa Clause, The Santa Clause 2, The Santa Clause 3:  Escape Clause), Ed Asner (Elf), and Fred Astaire (The Man in the Santa Claus Suit) while others portrayed Santa in a much different light.  Take for example Billy Bob Thornton’s portrayal in Bad Santa and Bad Santa 2; while he technically did not “play Santa,” his character in the movie did work as a mall Santa.  This movie was an exception to the “average” image of Santa being kind and giving, but still had the “look.”

In addition to Santa, Mrs. Claus is usually portrayed as an average, down-to-earth woman who keeps Santa grounded.  From about every movie featuring them both, she is very supportive and it is evident that Santa could not do his job without her support.  The dynamic is that they are a team of caring people who do their best to provide the world with some joy during Christmas.

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