Divatress Wigs to the Rescue


This year I became something I never thought in a life time I would become…a cheer mom. For a couple of years now I have gotten comments about Carly Jo and her talent of dropping down in a flat split in matter of seconds without a thought. She has extreme flexibility and  when we moved […]

5 Ways Moms Can Make Money Off Their Homes

Millions of Americans who own their homes or are in the process of paying off a mortgage can make use of unused spaces in their house to acquire  additional income. Renting out a room, shed or a garage are just a few ways to generate revenue that can help pay for expenses including mortgage payments. […]

Drones for your kids?

Getting a drone for your kid could be a scary thought at first. However, it could be more beneficial than you think and you know they are going to love taking it out in the field and letting it fly! It could provide many lessons of responsibility. Owning a drone comes requires your child know […]

Ways to get a loan with average credit

We all know that getting a loan approved by credit institutions can be a major hassle, especially if you don’t have a good or strong credit rating. If you are trying to fund a small-scale business or a new house project by getting a loan with just your average credit rating but is afraid of […]