Spotlight Sponsor Reuseit Bag

We all have our week points. Mine is bags. In fact my lovely husband told me I was band from getting anymore diaper bags. They way I see it the diaper bag is my purse. There is allot that I consider when buying bags or totes.   I recently found  Reuseit Tote Bags. Three Words…I […]

Spotlight Sponsor Super Food Snacks

It’s hard finding snacks that taste good and are healthy for you. Well it’s just about impossible. Until recently I had lost hope of finding something that taste good, is healthy, and will give me energy. I recently had a chance to try some Superfood Snacks. I tried the sample pack, and one lucky winner will […]

Rock & Learn Sight Words DVD & Giveaway

I know so many parents are anti-television. I on the other hand like television. My children have learned so much from watching television. I have been asked by my son’s preschool teacher several times how much do you work with him at home. I work with him a little bit, but not a whole lot. […]