Potatoes: What to do with them??


Do you price comp at Wal Mart? If not, you should!! Today I went grocery shopping with my spreadsheet in hand and ready to get some great deals! My favorite of all was 10 pound bags of potatoes for only a $1. I grabbed two! I don’t live close to a grocery store, so naturally on the drive home […]

What is Christmas Spirt?

Being the mother to a nine year old boy and five year old girl, I have see and heard some pretty funny stories. I have held back those tear filled moments, when they have reached onetime milestones in their lives such as riding a bike without training wheels for the first time or seeing them […]

Nutcracker Music Game

Just in case you didn’t know. It’s Christmas time! So why not celebrate it with some music. The Nutcracker Music Game is perfect for encouraging your children to explore music and learn to appreciate it in their own way! I am all about games that serve an educational purpose and this Nutcracker Music Game does […]

Dress in Style With WhoopTee!


I am not the typical girl who loves to dress up in fancy shirts and dresses. I rarely put make up on. I dress to look good and to be comfortable. Being comfortable is the important part! The common piece of clothing in my word robe are t-shirts. I love them! To me they can […]