Help Your Kids Catch Some Z’s!

Flickr   We want our kids to reach their full potential. Whether it be achieving their best at school or in sports, there are few things more important to use than seeing such success. One of the best ways to achieve success in your goals is to be energized, focused, and in good spirits – […]

Bugs Bugs Everywhere

Living in the middle of nowhere can be nice, but there are some downfalls. I lived in a small town that was surrounded by farm land. In fact there was a field to my right and a couple of horses basically lived in my back yard. It was very  peaceful and quit except I dealt with intruders […]

Just Because Gifts For Him

Just Because Gifts For Him

A little spontaneity goes a long way in a relationship. Sometimes, something has got your man down. Or maybe you just feel like you haven’t done anything special for him lately. Rather than the obvious route of smothering him with kisses, why not take the time to give him a “just because” gift? Everyone deserves […]

Coping With Your Child’s Ilness

There are few things worse for a parent than when their child has to go into hospital. Whatever the reason might be, it is a horrible feeling when it is clear that something is wrong. Whether it is a short-term injury or a chronic illness, it’s never fun, and it is always in the best […]

#HugtheMess with Family Dollar and Huggies

As a family on the go, it is important to have a well-stocked diaper bag. Messes happen, kids need to be cleaned up, and no matter where we are headed, from baseball practice to a doctor’s appointment, or to visit family, being prepared to clean it up and keep moving is vital. Huggies is my […]