How To “Aid” Yourself With Work Safety

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How To "Aid" Yourself With Work Safety

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As an employee of any type of company, it’s easy to become overly-focused on getting your work done, because there are bills to pay, but you shouldn’t completely enter robotic mode. At the end of the day, no matter how much work you have to do, you’re not a machine. You’re a human, and you need to maintain yourself as well as your career.


You might find you work better if you start paying a little more attention to your health and safety within the workplace. This isn’t about the policies your company has already enforced, as, if you’re working in a warehouse or a site with technical machinery, you should already know how to use such equipment safely. This is about general health and safety. No matter your industry, there are certain universal tips that every employee in every kind of role should take on board if they want to be healthier, safer and more relaxed in their office space.


Good posture is key.

This is something the majority of us have heard about, but which few of us ever take on board. Yes, it’s a pain (literally), but remembering to maintain good posture in an office-based job role is something which can have numerous health benefits if remembered, or health negatives if forgotten.


The key for desk-workers is to keep your shoulders in line with your hips in order to avoid back problems. Remember to also never bend at the waist to pick up items; always bend at the knees. Whilst obviously being bad for your back, such aches and pains will also be distracting you from your work and likely making you function more slowly throughout the day. So, if you like to slip into robot mode and work like a machine, you should think about keeping your body running like a machine. Ergonomic chairs are also a great way to help you keep your posture in good shape, if you don’t want to be worrying about it all day.


Know your rights.

No matter how health and safety conscious you are around the workplace, there’s always a chance you might have an accident that wasn’t your fault. The state protects you in such circumstances. You’re not left in the dark, so you shouldn’t take your employer’s policy as “law”. You have the right to sue, no matter how much the company for which you work convinces you that you were to blame. You know whether you were or were not the cause of the incident. This is about your safety, more than anything, and you’ll have medical bills to cover. If you need consultation for your personal injury case, there are experts out there who can help you with legal defence.


There are ways to squeeze exercise into your day.

Of course, if you work at a desk for 8 hours a day, you’re already leading quite a sedentary lifestyle throughout the week. You’re spending over a quarter of your time sitting down. It’s important to maintain a healthy exercise routine, especially whilst at work. When you get home, somewhere around 6 o’clock in the evening, you likely have little energy to exercise, or it’s too dark to go for a jog. Keep yourself active throughout the day; walk instead of taking the lift or go for a jog in your lunch break.

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