9 Indisputable Signs You Have Become a Full-On Dog Mommy

Being a dog owner and being a pet parent are two completely different things. Want to find out which one are you? If you relate to most of the following 9 statements, then chances are you have graduated from a dog owner to become a dog mommy.

You Get Targeted Advertisements on Dog Products: Even the internet is well aware of your passion for dogs. You spend hours looking for discount pet items online and read canine-related articles. Your internet browsing history is so unidirectional that you constantly get targeted advertisements for pet products.

Your Social Media Pages Is an Endless Parade of Cute Dog Pics: You have become one of those people who cannot click a single photo without framing in the dog. From selfies with your dog to pics of your pet sleeping in weird positions, your social media page proudly announces to the world that you are a dog mommy.

Dog Saliva Is Moisturizer to You: While some might get irked out when dogs lick their faces, you find it comforting. In fact, sometimes you even forget to wash your face after a good licking session.

You Take It Personally When People Say They Don’t like Dogs: The thought of someone not liking dogs drives you crazy. It makes you wonder whether you should be friends with a person who doesn’t love dogs.

You Have Grown Used to Your Dog Staring at You in the Bathroom:  Dogs are ever curious about what humans do in toilets and bathrooms. If you keep the door unlocked, you might notice a wet snout inquisitively investigating about what’s going on. You have become a certifiable dog mommy when you start finding this intrusion to privacy endearing. Taking it a step forward, you now need your dog to give you company while you take care of business.

You Are Considering Getting a Tattoo to Display Your Love for Your Dog: Whenever you get the time, you contemplate getting your dog’s paw-print tattooed on your body. You are just one drink away from actually going ahead with it.

Your Clothes Are Never Fur-Free and You Don’t Care: Flying fur is a reality you have grown to accept. You don’t mind that your every single dress now comes with doggie fur attached to them. In fact, you proudly wear them to office and parties.

You Actively Seek out Other Dog People on Social Media: The entire point of your social media visits is centered around finding other dog people. You constantly try and find cute dog memes and stories that relate to dogs. You not only actively joined hundreds of dog groups and pages, but you are more likely to respond to dog-related posts.

Doggie Farts Don’t Gross You out Anymore: Much like humans dogs fart too. However, you suddenly discover that doggie farts are not bothering you as much as they should. In fact, a little part of you finds the smell comforting. Congratulations, you are unquestionably a proud dog mommy.

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