8 Weird Gambling Laws Around the World

Gambling is one of the most restricted recreational activities in the world. A huge chunk of the restrictions is meant to keep fraud at a minimum. However, all over the world, certain laws around gambling are tough to explain.

The reason behind this is some of these laws are subjective and are based on the culture of those places. Here are some of the strangest laws to make sure you are not caught off guard.

Bingo Laws in North Carolina

Bingo is a fan favorite fundraising game. It’s also one of the best ways to pass large chunks of free time with your friends and family. In North Carolina, USA, you cannot host a Bingo tournament on two consecutive days.

Also, there is a time limit on the games as well. A single game cannot last more than five hours. If you surpass this time limit, you will lose your license.

The origins of these laws are unclear, and the reason for them is hard to deduce. In any case, who wants to play a game of bingo for more than five hours?

You Cannot Use Dice for Craps in Canada

Dice are a key piece for many games around the world, they offer an easy and simple solution for randomizing a game. They create luck so to speak. Well, in Canada it is illegal to use dice when playing Craps.

The advent of the law is thought to be the reported use of remote-control dice in some establishments. To prevent this, they were banned altogether.

How do you play Craps without dice? Well, a few crafty individuals have devised a way to use cards to play.

Japanese Gambling Restrictions

In Japan, except for a few so-called regular betting activities, all forms of betting and gambling are illegal. The exceptions include horse racing, motorsports, and lotteries.

Japan is a country that is deeply in touch with its tradition and culture. These laws originate from the old Japanese way surrounding money, culture and social order.

Pachinko is also listed as one of the exceptions. It is a slot machine game sharing a lot of similarities to pinball.

Dog Racing Is Illegal in South Africa

Any form of racing is very entertaining and invites a large amount of betting and gambling interest. In South Africa, betting is legal, it is, however, illegal to race and gamble or bet on racing dogs.

Greyhound racing is common in many countries worldwide, it is considered animal cruelty in South Africa. This is a bit of a grey area, no pun intended, because horse racing involves a jockey whipping a horse. In any case, don’t get caught up in a dog racing debacle in South Africa.

Poker Rooms Are Illegal in Texas

In the state of Texas, you are not allowed to own or operate a poker room. Texas is known to have a strong chokehold on the gambling activities in the state so this is no surprise.

There is no clear explanation for the law because it is legal to play poker online. You can enjoy a game with friends, family, and strangers from around the world, via a screen, just don’t own or operate a poker room.

According to Mike Tan of OnlineCasinoGems, “The experience of playing poker does not diminish the feel of the game, you still feel the same emotions the real game has to offer.” This comes on the back of increasing movement towards mobile betting. 

Playing Cards Act of Thailand

Thailand is one of the few monarchies around the world that hold a firm footing in the governing of the country. As a result, you are bound to find more than a few peculiar laws, they have quite a number.

The Playing Cards Act was put into law to regulate playing cards. In it are the rules about the game you should know when you visit Thailand. One such rule is that you should not have more than 120 playing cards at a time. Playing card games are a great way to pass time when touring different countries but it is a risky idea in Thailand.

Kentucky Allows You to Sue for Losses

This is perhaps the strangest of all these laws. In Kentucky, if you lose more than $5 when gambling, you are allowed to sue for your losses. You can sue for amounts larger than your actual loss.

This is due to a law that allows people who have lost to recover their losses. It is one of the many ways of preventing a negative impact due to a loss, aside from not gambling.

You are allowed to sue within the first six months after which anyone else can sue for the losses on your behalf within five years of the loss. This law beats the purpose of betting which is a pure risk, you either gain or loss, there is no in-between. According to Weekly Slots News, there is certainly no shortage of bizarre online gambling stories on the internet, suing for your losses is not a far fetched idea at all.

No Locals in Casinos in Monte Carlo

Second, to Las Vegas, Monte Carlo is probably the most luxurious gambling destination worldwide. The city is filled with many casinos and is also home to one of the oldest Formula 1 circuits in the F1 calendar.

According to the New York Times, Monte Carlo is a rich experience. There will not be a better fitting description of Monte Carlo in a while.

All of these casinos are only frequented by tourists because of a law that prohibits any citizens from entering casinos unless they work there. As a result, the entire gambling business stands on the shoulders of the tourism industry.

Capping It All Off

These rules are not the strangest laws in the world in general, not by a long shot. They guide how we indulge in recreational gambling and betting.

It is important to know which countries have these rules when visiting different places to avoid getting in trouble. Don’t carry all your playing cards to Thailand, do not bet on racing dogs in South Africa, forget about that poker game in Texas, keep the bingo short and the dice out of Craps in Canada.

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