8 Gifts That Kids Can Make

8 Gifts That Kids Can Make

A gift made by a child is often treasured for years. A keepsake that instantly becomes a treasure. A gift from the heart to be savored! If you want to get crafty with the kids this holiday season, here are 8 ideas for homemade gifts that can be made by kids.

Sugar Scrub is a great gift idea that kids can offer someone special to make them feel a little pampered this holiday season.

A Chevron Painted Tea Towel  makes a fun gift to make that is functional for the recipient.

A hand shaped ring dish will truly capture the heart of the person receiving this sweet gift.

A puzzle piece frame makes a great gift for anyone on your family’s nice list!

This idea is spectacular. Any lady will adore this egg carton jewelry box!


These bracelets are lovely, and will make a welcome addition to any wardrobe.

Calming Lavender Lotion Bars will help ease away stress while making skin smooth! What a wonderful gift to receive from a thoughtful child!

This footprint tile makes a lovely keepsake and can be altered to fit any relative. (I.E. Granny’s Little Angel)

Do you have any ideas for handmade gifts for kids to try their hands at this holiday season? I would love to hear from you in a comment.

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