7 Gifts You Should Totally Buy Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about love, true, but most people have the misconstrued notion that it’s only for lovers and married couples. In fact, it’s also celebrated among family members and, most importantly, by yourself. Self-love is a virtue that everyone should participate in, whether in the form of affirming yourself and buying yourself gifts.

Life can be so hectic that you forget your own needs. There’s work, school, relationships, and even side gigs to worry about. It’s easy to get stressed, and you need to take a break because you deserve self-love. Here are some amazing gifts you should buy for yourself on love day.

Valentine’s Day Card

It’s something cliché, and most people wouldn’t think of getting a Valentine’s Day card for themselves, but it can serve as a physical reminder that you often need to love yourself. If you wrinkle your nose at the thought of generic greeting cards thousands of others would buy, consider getting a custom one.

The awesome thing about a customized Valentine’s Day card is that you get to choose how it looks and what it says. You can add photos you love of yourself and your favorite quotes on self-love all in one neat package that will last for years.

Spa Day

If you’ve been bogged down by your daily responsibilities, burnout can be imminent and inevitable. This love day, remind yourself that it’s important to take care of yourself physically and mentally by treating yourself to a spa day. It seems like a luxury thing to spend on if you’re not making much, but you don’t have to go out of your way to spend a small fortune to afford it.

If not professionally, you can buy DIY spa things that you can do at home for cheap. If you have extra cash to spend, go to a spa place.

It’s not every day that you get a massage, lounge in a sauna, and even get professional styling. You can always earn back money anyway. Spend your spa day alone, or go with a close friend.

Luxurious Bath Oil

Most people consider a relaxing bath in a tub a treat, and if you’re one of those, get yourself a bottle of luxurious bath oil. It’s something you can look forward to at the end of a grueling day and, if you’re the drinking type, made more awesome with your preferred type of booze in hand. You have a lot of choices regarding scents for bath oils, so choose which ones make you the happiest.

Dream Vacation Tickets

Vacations are expensive and, to people who are always reluctant to go to their dream getaway, always often put off for much later. Why not take the plunge and purchase open tickets to where you want to go? It will put the planning into motion, and you’ll have something to look forward to in the future in the midst of daily grinding.

If you think you can’t afford to go on a vacation, there’s a reason open tickets are valuable that way. You can start saving up for it little by little, and with careful itinerary planning, you can utilize each saved penny to make the vacation of your dreams a reality. There’s no need to rush. After all, it’s how you get there that matters the most.

Makeup You Love

If you love glamming yourself up with makeup, there’s no reason you shouldn’t treat yourself with a new lipstick, an eyeshadow palette, or that new foundation you’ve been wanting to buy. Simply put, self-love can also be expressed in making yourself feel and look good. If buying new makeup sparks joy, just go for it.

Chocolates and Candies

Yes, you can buy chocolates and candies for yourself on Valentine’s Day, and no, it’s not frowned upon as you think it is especially if you’re single. Why wait for other people to give you some when you can buy it yourself? And what diet? Get your favorite chocolate bar, or splurge on a box of candy you really want.

If you like a bit of a surprise in that department and want something new every month, consider getting a snack box subscription. If you’re into Japanese candy, that is. The great thing about monthly boxes is that you can choose how much you’ll pay and for how long and they’ll arrive on time and surprise you with its contents with no fail.

Gym Subscription

If you feel like you’re not taking care of yourself as much as you’d like to, or if you’re tied to a boring desk job, get yourself a gym subscription. You may think that overworking will naturally burn the pounds you gained—you’re both wrong and right. Stress is never a good thing, and you may be shedding weight but in an unhealthy way.

So do yourself a favor and do a whole body workout and release some natural endorphins. It’s a great way to destress, and the gains you get from pumping iron or running on a treadmill will serve you well in the long run. You can even gift yourself some new gym wear and trainers if you’re looking for something to add. Just be sure to incorporate your new gym membership into your monthly budget template since the subscription fee will likely be drafted from your bank account each month.  

Self-Love Is the Best Love

To give love, you must learn to do it for yourself. That is why is it is important to take care of yourself in many ways. It’s not selfish to treat yourself. You can do it once in a while or do it as often as you like. The more you’re loving and happy, the more you can do for others, especially your loved ones.

What gifts do you like to give yourself or others on Valentine’s Day? Share your ideas below.

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