6 Possible Effects if You Take CBD During Pregnancy

Numerous women all over the world benefit from the positive effects of CBD oil, but are they the same when it comes to pregnancy? Future mothers have lots of concerns regarding CBD use. Indeed, there are some reasons to worry!

Pregnant women are responsible for bearing healthy children and don’t want to harm them. At the same time, they are reluctant to suffer such symptoms as nausea, insomnia, anxiety, and back pain. Here are the six most probable effects (both positive and negative) that will occur if you take CBD oil while being pregnant.

Possible Long-Lasting Negative Effects

         Although you may find a plethora of articles about the implications of using CBD by future moms on the Internet, the truth is that little research evidence has been found so far. In other words, there aren’t simply enough studies to provide an overview of the effects that CBD creates on the fetus.

A lack of clinical data complicates the decision-making process for mothers-to-be since it is possible that you might harm the child by taking cannabis. It is the main reason why so many doctors worldwide are trying to persuade future moms to refuse from CBD.

The fact is, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a psychoactive component of marijuana, triggers a set of severe health implications in newborns. They include stillbirth risk and a low birth weight risk.

Furthermore, according to CBD Kyro, the kind of marijuana you take might turn out to be dangerous for the embryo. It may bring about some negative outcomes that can severely affect the child’s well-being for a lifetime. Thus, investigate the components of the oil you’re using, in the first place as they can be too strong to use while being pregnant.

Developmental Problems of the Fetus

         Over two dozen studies did not reveal any increased risk of the negative outcomes for a fetus caused by the use of cannabis during pregnancy. At the same time, this data isn’t obvious enough to prove the opposite.

Did you know that most cannabinoids have active ingredients that are able to pass the protection of the placenta and “attack” the fetus? Such activity isn’t safe for the child’s growth in the uterus. The thing is, it might block or diminish the development of some vital functions that normal children have. Moreover, the mother might put herself at risk of preterm birth in case of using a CBD oil. 

Morning Sickness Relief

         Although cannabis intake might trigger some unwanted consequences, it’s definitely good at fighting the unpleasant symptoms. Most girls are facing lots of discomfort due to pregnancy and are dreaming of feeling a little better. Nevertheless, morning sickness might be a sign that a mother is healthy.

CBD oil is likely to reduce nausea and deal with morning sickness. It can even provide a relief to the hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) symptoms that include extreme vomiting. According to Daily CBD Mag, it is possible to achieve such a relief with the help of a CBD oil that doesn’t include a psychoactive deterrent (THC).

Thus, double-check the ingredients and examine the effects they create. Maybe there’s no need to break out “the big guns” as you may find lighter alternatives to the “hard-core” cannabis. 

Pain Relief

         Getting rid of the chronic pain is one of the most popular reasons why pregnant women resort to cannabis. Marijuana is especially good for dealing with inflammatory and neuropathic pain.

What’s even better, people, in general, aren’t likely to develop a tolerance to the effects created by cannabis. Therefore, a pregnant woman can benefit from the smallest amounts of CBD without having to increase the dosage. As little as 5 mg per day might be enough to decrease the pain.

Issues with Medical Workers

Be prepared to have an argument with an authority figure if you take marijuana during pregnancy. The thing is, asking you to quit is the clinicians’ duty as they are strongly advised to do so by different medical associations.

         Medical workers aren’t aware of the exact implications of using marijuana. At the same time, they bear responsibility for their patients and don’t want to deal with any kind of uncertainty. A lack of research data seems to make them quite nervous.

Some clinicians threaten to call for child protective services if a mother doesn’t quit using cannabis. Moreover, approximately half of obstetricians failed to respond to future mother’s claims soon after they found out that she was using CBD.

According to the New York Times, patients might even feel disconnected from their identity in the hospital. Thus, be ready to stand your ground in case you decide to take CBD.

Relief from Anxiety and Depression

         Mothers-to-be often suffer from insomnia and increased stress as they worry about the great responsibility for their future children’s well-being. Social isolation and unstable hormones often contribute to a woman’s agitated state. Furthermore, the changes in a female body may also evoke additional stress as she may find it difficult to adjust to weight fluctuations.

CBD oil is well-known for its stress reduction properties. Nevertheless, there’s a non-obvious threat that pregnant women put themselves under without even realizing it. The fact is, there are numerous fakes in the CBD oil market.

Fakes are very dangerous for mothers-to-be as the consequences they trigger cannot be predicted. Lawmakers haven’t come up with adequate standards for this newly-emerged industry yet. Therefore, it is difficult to regulate CBD oil production in most states, and it is one of the most significant reasons why mothers choose to quit it altogether. 

         As you can see, there are considerable advantages of CBD, such as pain relief, alleviation of depression and reduction of morning sickness symptoms. At the same time, scientists haven’t properly studied the outcomes of marijuana use during pregnancy. Moreover, if you come across a fake, the consequences for the fetus can be detrimental.

Therefore, it’s up to you whether to take CBD or refuse from it while bearing and breastfeeding a child. No matter what you choose, remember that there are always some other healthy alternatives, like yoga and a healthy diet.

According to the Parents magazine, you should review your eating habits during pregnancy. Thus, you can try these alternatives to avoid relying on cannabis all the time while being pregnant. 

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