6 Gifts for the Husband Who’s Impossible to Buy For

Men are such puzzling creatures, even more so when you are shopping for a gift for them. Unless you share the same hobbies, it is easy to get lost as you try to find the best present for him on your wedding anniversary and every other special occasion in your life. You are lucky if your husband speaks his mind and tells you what sort of gifts can incite his excitement.

It is quite normal to feel clueless and spend a lot of time shopping for the perfect gift for him. But to help you along and set that frustration aside, here are some of the best gifts for a husband who seems impossible to buy a gift for.

Appeal to Working Man in Him

Is he the hardworking type who knows his way around the house, fixing the plumbing, building you a bookshelf, and making a table for your newly renovated patio? He loves the work, tinkering and creating pieces that you have always admired, not just for their functionality but also for their aesthetics. You can get him a set of high-powered tools that will make his time in his workshop more convenient and enjoyable. It can be something as simple as a manly mallet too, which also allows you to personalize it with his engraved name. It is a cool gift that the workman in him will love.

Appeal to His Practical Side (slippers, sandals)

It might be the last thing on his mind for a holiday gift but his practical soul will love how you picked a gift that he can use. Get him a durable sandal from his favorite make or a new organizer for all of his gadget accessories. Every time he uses your gift, it will remind him how you made the effort to get him something useful, which just shows how you know him so well.

Appeal to His Outdoor Habits

Is he the kind of man who spends most of his time outdoors? Then getting him a new camping gear can delight his adventurous soul. It can be a set of windbreaker, jacket, boots, and a durable backpack or a brand new tent with handy cooking equipment and multi-tools. Better yet, invite him on a camping trip and tell him you will be preparing the gear. Then on the day of your trip, surprise him with the gifts loaded in the car. He will love you all the more for the gesture of trying out his favorite hobby with him.  

Appeal to his Sentimental Side

He has always been sweet and thoughtful, pulling off wonderful surprises on the special occasions of your life and leaving you notes and flowers beside your pillow on random days. Return the gesture by getting him something just as sweet and memorable. It can be a scrapbook filled with photos and mementos of your life together or a video that compiles your most unforgettable moments in the last ten years of your marriage. If your anniversary is coming up, it is also a good idea to get him a new wedding band to commemorate your special day.

Appeal to the Business Savvy

Is he always on the go? Get him a digital planner that he can bring everywhere and help him organize his hectic schedule. A luxury watch can also complement his punctual personality. What’s more, he will be reminded it is you who gave it to him when he looks down on his wrist and checks the time. What better way to be on his mind every day?

The Gift of Pampering

If your husband is working too hard, chances are, you would not get as much time together. Family life can be put in the sideline. This holiday season, make him slow down by giving him the gift of pampering on a weekend. Start by making him breakfast in bed with all his favorite food. You can then run a relaxing bath for him and offer to give him a massage. Make this day all about him but also get the chance to bond with him. Cap the day with a candlelight dinner that you yourself prepared. The hard work you put into it is a more meaningful gift than any material things can offer.

For a husband who is hard to buy a gift for, a lot of planning, preparation, and outside-the-box kind of thinking will be needed to pull it off. May these ideas make the job easier and enjoyable for you. Don’t worry, he will like what you will get him.

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