6 Essential Tech Items for Women on the Go

Moms and career women rarely seem to sit still. While they might have to do it all, it doesn’t hurt to have a helping hand. Quite often, the best help comes from technology. If you need help multitasking or staying on top of all your responsibilities, try one or more of these six tech gadgets for women on the move.

Intel Lenovo 920 Yoga

A reliable laptop is essential to getting work done in the modern world. But busy moms and driven career women need more than a basic option. The Intel Lenovo 920 Yoga is a good pick because it’s a highly versatile machine. You can attach and detach a keyboard to use it as a laptop or tablet, and if you need to take notes or quickly sketch out an idea, you can use a pen and the computer’s 3D mode. The laptop has 4K resolution and enough processing power to handle professional photo and video editing software.

Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones

6 Essential Tech Items for Women on the Go

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If you travel frequently, make business calls from home or on the go, or work with audio editing, a quality pair of headphones are a must. Beats by Dr. Dre headphones are recommended for:

  • Sound quality. Whether you want in-ear, over-ear, or athletic headphones, Beats by Dr. Dre are known for outstanding sound quality.
  • Noise canceling. Beats by Dr. Dre Executive headphones come with noise-canceling technology, which is a major plus if you often work in busy coffee shops and other crowded spots.
  • Staying fit. If you need headphones to keep you occupied at the gym or on a run, try the Powerbeats3 models. These clip over the ear to stay in place while exercising.
  • Staying connected. Adding a RemoteTalk cable to your Beats headphones will enable you to take calls while traveling without disconnecting your headphones.

Beats headphones are a quality choice, and you might be able to get an affordable pair from your cell phone provider. For example, you can add Beats by Dre headphones to your T-Mobile account or pay for them monthly alongside your phone service. Both wireless and wired options are available.


Even when you’ve got lots on your plate, it’s important not to work too hard. Fitbits are excellent tools to help busy women make sure they don’t go overboard and are getting the rest they need. You can set and work toward fitness goals using a Fitbit tracker, and these devices also monitor your sleep duration and quality. You can even track your daily water consumption. Fitbits can help you stay busy without sacrificing your personal health.

Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot is an affordable gadget that can serve as a wireless personal assistant at home. As you’re getting dressed for work, simply ask the Echo Dot what the weather is like and if there are any traffic delays. This gadget can also make calls for you, and if you notice that you need to order something, just ask the device to handle it for you.

Robot Vacuum

If your plate is full at work and at home, you can try automating some tasks to make life easier. If you don’t like coming home to dirty floors after a full day at the office, invest in a robotic vacuum. These devices are thorough and easy to set up, and you can program them to clean at a certain time every day.

Tablet or e-Reader

If you spend lots of time traveling or commute via public transportation every day, an e-reader or tablet can keep you entertained or enable you to get some work done without having to set up your laptop. Plus, you can use your tablet or e-reader to tell your children a bedtime story or play games with them when you’ve got some free time. These are also handy for quickly sharing information with co-workers or keeping notes for a presentation.

A little bit of tech can make a world of difference in your day-to-day life. If you need some help managing your daily calendar, want to multitask more efficiently, or optimize your work time, try one of these cool gadgets.

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