Is 50 Too Late To Change Careers?

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By the time you get to fifty, the idea of a career change seems out of the question. You work out what you want to do when you’re young, you build a career, and that’s it. The only problem with that is that people change. The career that you always dreamed about when you were young may have been perfect for many years, but lots of people decide that they want a change of pace when they’re a bit older. Lots of the people that feel like this don’t do anything about it because they think it’s too late. They settle for what they have and wait for retirement. The truth is, you can start a new career in your later years if you’re willing to put the work in. Some careers are going to be out of the question because the amount of time you’ll need to spend training is going to be too long, but there are all sorts of careers that you could easily retrain for. If you’re fed up with your job, why not look into some of these options?



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A common reason that people are fed up of their career isn’t the job itself, but because the workload is too heavy. When you were in your twenties, you didn’t mind those long hours but thirty years down the line, it might be a bit too much. Freelancing is a good way to continue working in your chosen industry but with more flexibility. There are all sorts of careers including graphic design, accountancy, and journalism that lend themselves to freelancing. Find sites online where you can advertise your services and still earn money doing what you love, without the restrictions of working for a company.




Being a counsellor is the ideal job for older people. All of the life experience you have is incredibly valuable when it comes to helping people deal with their issues and makes you more suited to being a counsellor than somebody younger. If you already have an undergraduate degree, you can take a mental health counseling masters online from home. When you’re trying to change careers later in life this is your best option because you can do it in your own time while you continue to work. That way, you can avoid the financial burden of returning to college full-time.


Personal Care Aide

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People that have spent the majority of their lives working in the business world often want to give something back when they get older. Being a personal care aide is a brilliant way to do that. It’s also ideal for somebody that wants to do a complete career U-turn because you don’t need any formal training for a lot of jobs. There is plenty of opportunity in this field due to an aging population and it is actually forecasted to be one of the fastest growing careers by 2020.


These are just three of the many different jobs that you could move into. It’s never too late to start a career so don’t give up.   

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