5 Tips to Preparing for a Harsh Winter

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Being a homeowner can be hard work as there is always something that must be done in order to keep your home in great condition. Before every season, there are a list of tasks that one must complete in order to prepare their home for the specific conditions that a particular season can bring. Preparing your home for the winter months is important to take care of well before the winter arrives as you can make rash decisions when you are in a bind. This article will highlight some tips to keep in mind when you are preparing for winter this year.


  • Check your heating system. It is a good idea to check your heating system before you are in need of using your heater. The reason for this is that you can make well informed decisions when you have time to do your research on whether you should fix any potential problems or replace your system altogether. In the middle of winter when your home is in dire need of heat, you do not want to have to try to fix a heating problem. It will likely cost you a great deal of money and may not be the smartest decision as you will have little time to choose a course of action.
  • Prepare your plumbing for winter. When you check the exterior of your home for any potential maintenance issues before winter arrives, be sure to turn off your outdoor spigots. If you have a hose attached to your spigot, drain it and take it indoors. By draining your outdoor spigots, you can avoid water from freezing and causing your problems during the winter months. While checking your spigots, be sure to clean out your gutters and check for leaks.
  • Check your roof for potential leaks. When you are outdoors preparing your home for winter, be sure to check your roof tiles for any leaks. If you find a weak point on your roof or a spot that is in need of replacement shingles, be sure to have a professional come over well before winter has begun to remedy the problem. A professional will not be able to access your roof if ice is present as it is dangerous and could cause serious injury.
  • Clean your fireplace. A great way to heat up your home and add some ambiance to your family room is by using your fireplace during the cold winter months. Using your fireplace can allow your heater to take a break and will save you money on electricity costs. In order to have a working fireplace, you will need to make sure that it is prepped and cleaned out before using. If you are unsure of how to clean out your fireplace, consider hiring a professional to come over to your home and clean it for you. In addition to cleaning the fireplace, the professional can take a look at the infrastructure and let you know if there is anything that is in need of repair.
  • Change your furnace filter. Having a home that is properly heated is imperative during a frigid, harsh winter. To make sure that your heater is working to the best of its ability, be sure to change your furnace filter at least monthly.



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