5 Things to Know Before You Go on a Low-Calorie Diet

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Dieting will always be one of those things that has a crazy market around it. The industry is booming with all sorts of books, diet plans, supplements and even dieticians are finding it easy to get a job in such a demanding market. With so many diet myths floating around, it can be difficult trying to discern the genuine diet plans from the snake oil ones. However, there’s one clear piece of science that weight loss boils down to.

 Low-Calorie Diet

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Burn more calories than you take in.


It’s not rocket science and it’s fairly easy to understand. Fat is the result of us consuming excess calories that our body doesn’t need in order to sustain itself. In order to burn this reserve fuel, we need to take in less and burn more. Burning calories is done automatically by our bodies. In fact, if we didn’t burn calories every second of our lives, we wouldn’t be alive. We need to burn calories to breathe, move and of course, eat.


This is why low-calorie diets such as HCG Triumph are so popular. They focus on the simple science that you must eat fewer calories to lose weight, but there are many things you need to know before going on a low-calorie diet because it’s not the easiest thing in the world. To give you a better idea of what a low-calorie diet is like, here are five things you need to learn before you get started.

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  1. You will need a distraction


First of all, don’t get on a low-calorie diet unless you have distractions. It could be a book that you love, lots of television shows or a busy job. It could even be a friend that’s going on a low-calorie diet with you. Whatever you do, make sure you distract yourself from the inevitability of feeling hungry.


  1. You will feel hungry


Speaking of which, you will feel hungry. This sounds obvious, but if you hate the feeling of your stomach churning then you’re going to have a hard time with a low-calorie diet.


  1. You will need to drink a lot of water


Water will help you stay hydrated, flush your body of toxins and also make you feel more full. If you easily get cravings, then gulp down some water and it should cull the feeling of hunger without forcing you to consume extra calories.


  1. You need to see a doctor first


Don’t attempt a low-calorie diet without first seeing a doctor. If you have a pre-existing condition such as diabetes, then your weight loss attempts need to be supervised by someone who has knowledge about your body.


  1. You will notice side effects at first


Side effects are common in people that make drastic changes to their body. This is because your body is adjusting to the new changes that you are making. For instance, if you switch to a low-carb diet, then your body will slowly begin to burn fat as energy instead, and this could cause initial health issues such as dizziness.

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