5 Fun Date Ideas For You And Your Other Half

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With busy jobs, housework and of course, the kids, it can be difficult to find quality time for you and your partner. When you do find the time, it can be tricky to find things to do together that don’t revert to the usual dinner and a movie. These five fun date night ideas should inspire you and your partner to try new things and make the most of your rare quality time together.

1. Cookery lessons

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If you’re fed up of cooking the same old thing, cookery lessons are a great idea for a fun date night that also teaches you something. If you’ve always wanted to master Asian cuisine or you’d love to make your own pasta, you’ll find many classes to suit you. Doing a cooking class together could also mean that you try out your skills at home and share the cooking for once!

2. Learn to dance


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Learning to dance can help bring you closer together, especially if neither of you has danced much before. Taking up some dance classes will be a fun activity for the both of you that offers intimacy as well as plenty of laughs. There are lots of different types of dance classes available, and whether you prefer some salsa, ballroom or even hip hop, it will be a fun way to do something together, as well as help you keep fit!

3. Enjoy a spa experience

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A spa may usually scream ‘girls day out’, but a spa can be an enjoyable experience for couples too. Many spas now offer ‘twilight’ packages where you can enjoy the facilities at night and avoid the hen party crowds and other large groups. Enjoy a relaxing side-by-side massage or other types of treatment and chill out in the hot tub – the choice is yours. Spas are also great for helping to ease tension and stress, so if things have been a bit chaotic at work or home lately, this could be the remedy you need.


4. Start working out together

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As well as finding time for the two of you to be together, couples can also find it difficult to find time for exercise too. Kill two birds with one stone, and you can have fun while keeping fit. From signing up to a race together, to Zumba or even trampolining classes, find an activity you both enjoy and start it together.


5. Learn a language

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Where have you both wanted to travel? Make it a goal to go there and take some time to learn the language together. There are many benefits to learning a language, and you’ll feel far more excited about going to your dream destination if you know you’ll have mastered some of the basics. Learning a language as a couple means you can practice together at home, and who knows, you may even get the kids involved too?


Finding some time to spend alone together is essential for couples, and with your own personal planner, you can get the organisation you need to find the time. Who knows what fun new hobby you’ll enjoy together?

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