5 Baby Items to Help Your Little One Sleep Better at Night

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Sleep. A lot of moms ask themselves: “why won’t my baby just go and stay asleep?” While some babies are better sleepers than others, you can certainly try a few items that help them become better snoozers.

Read on to learn about five important items that have been tried and tested by moms around the globe and have been highly successfully with getting babies to sleep better at night!

Mattress Topper

I waited several months until my son was out of the SIDS stage, and I purchased a memory foam mattress topper. Boy, did I notice a difference.

The topper was firm, yet extremely comfortable because it conformed to his body. It kept him in place longer and eliminated him from waking himself up from the involuntary movements his little body made as he grew.

Baby Swing

Sometimes babies need some movement to make them tired. I always put my son in his baby swing after he got his bath and got dressed for bed. It became our routine, and he associated the soothing, swinging movements with the fact that he was about to be put down for the long haul.

The constant moving also causes baby’s eyes to droop and close; and many swings are able to play lullabies in order to help put your little one into a sleep trance.

Lavender Lotion

Some babies need scent to help get them to sleep (and stay asleep). Lavender is known for its calming effects.

You can rub some scented lotion all over your baby; massaging their skin after a warm bath to put their body and mind into sleep mode.

Sound Machine

A little background noise goes a long way! Babies are so used to hearing noise in the womb, especially their mom’s heartbeat.

Baby sound machines help babies fall asleep and stay asleep by continuously looping calming beats and rhythms like a heartbeat, the pitter-patter of rain drops, a babbling brook, and even serene ocean waves.


If you are having difficulty getting your newborn to sleep, you have to try a swaddle. There are so many on the market to choose from! I preferred the swaddle sack, which made putting my son in position quick and easy.

His legs slid down into the bottom sack and when placed on a flat surface; the sides could snugly be wrapped and attached around his body with both arms in. This will not only make your baby look like a little burrito, but it will ensure they are super snug and their movements will be limited.

Because involuntary jerking and moving wake them up; you can help your baby get a better night’s sleep. Just watch for signs when they are ready to be removed from their swaddle, like turning over by themselves overnight.

Wrapping Up

As a new mom, I was clueless as to how I could get my little guy to sleep. These five items have been truly amazing and helped my whole household (even the dogs) get some supreme shut eye!

Kate Trout is the blogger behind the pregnancy & parenting site Maternity Glow

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