Spotlight Sponsor: 4x Razor Digital Pedometer by Ozeri Review

I always love things that take the guessing game out of stuff.  I hate walking in the first place, but trying to figure out how much I walk and making sure I walk enough is stressful too me. 

I recently had the chance to review the 4x Razor Digital Pedometer by Ozeri. Let me tell you…this is one gadget you would want. I used it when I went to Denver for a day of shopping and family fun. I walked almost 4 miles. Who knew you could walk 4 miles while shopping. Not ME!

It does way more than count your steps! 

Things that makes this so great: 

  • World’s Thinnest Pedometer : I had it in my pocket and never noticed it.
  • It has Tri-Axis Technology which delivers superior accuracy in any spot!
  • It counts up to 1 million steps.
  • It will track your steps, distance, calories, and fat burned! (Told you it did more than count steps!)
  • It has a seven-day memory.
  • It has a clock and exercise timer.
  • It came with a lithium batter, lanyard, and a belt clip.

Sounds awesome doesn’t it?? Well it’s your lucky day you can win one hereFor more information you can visit their Facebook or Site.
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  1. This would have been perfect on our trip. DH and I were just debating how far we walked this weekend. This could have saved me about 30 minutes…lol

  2. I've never used a pedometer – does it help motivate you more the longer you wear it? I'm super competitive, so I'm pretty sure I'd be the type to try to beat my previous week's steps or something.

  3. tecnology these days is getting smaller and smaller. Its amazing how small they can make things and how much they usually charge for them lol

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