4 Ways Custom Labels Can Make Your Products Stand Apart From Others At A Craft Fair

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Your items might be worth their weight in gold, but if they aren’t marketed and advertised properly, no one will be able to see their worth. It is of paramount importance for your product to be visually appealing to draw the customers’ attention and one of the easiest ways of doing just that is by creating custom labels. What do labels do? Well, labels give identity to a product and they are primarily used to promote product and attract customers. You can use the services of logo providers and designers such as Wunderlabel UK to create and find a logo fitting for your products. So, how can custom labels help make your products stand apart from others at a craft fair? Let us tell you how.

  1. Memorable

It is important for you to ensure that your products are distinct from the other products at the craft fair. Labels help consumers distinguish one product from another. Therefore, it is necessary for you to create a custom label that is distinct and memorable. Having a striking custom label will undoubtedly catch the eyes of customers and give them a general idea of what your products are all about.

  1. Give your products a professional yet personal look

Custom labels that are done well will provide your products with a professional yet personal look. Customers need to be impressed by both your item´s function and form. Contrary to popular opinion, products, no matter how efficient they may be, will not be able to sell themselves. In order to catch the interest of the customers, the product needs to be visually appealing first. Therefore, you must pay careful attention to the design of your custom label. If your product boasts of a professional-looking label, customers will be assured of its quality.  

  1. Provides valuable information

By labeling items, you can provide the customers with valuable information of your contact, address, the price of the items, information on how to use it, and how to keep it stored etc. Having a custom label allows you to tell your story and help build an emotional connection with the customers. You will be required to summarize your story in a few sentences as the space on the label is restricted and limited. What other bits of information can you provide on the label? Well, you can include other bits of information such as; what materials you use in making the product, if the materials you use are sourced locally, if you donate part of your profits to charity, if your product contains organic ingredients and what not.

  1. The color of your label

The color of your label can be used to communicate to your customers. Different colors give off different meanings and moods; people generally associate colors to different factors. For instance, the color, red, is considered a bold color and people generally associate with to love and anger. Other examples include; orange—evokes confidence, purple—accentuates creativity, wisdom and imagination, black—represents power and control, pink—associated with unconditional love and nurturing.

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