3 Types of Equipment You Need To Train a Horse

Horses make wonderful companions but training them effectively is a challenge. First-time owners should look for a horse that is already well-trained as they won’t have the knowledge and experience necessary to train a horse the right way. However, experienced horse enthusiasts may enjoy being involved in every aspect of their pets’ training and might want to train their dream horse from the time it is a foal. Here are three types of equipment you’ll need to train your animal thoroughly.

Riding Equipment

Most horse owners want to ride their pets, so it is important to invest in riding equipment that fits properly. You’ll need a soft halter and lead rope immediately after your foal is weaned but you won’t need additional equipment until the horse is old enough to ride. When the animal is full-grown, buy a bridle with a soft bit so he can get used to the feel of it. You may need a stronger bit once you start riding him it is best to start with soft equipment so he can get accustomed to it. You’ll also need to invest in a saddle and pad.

Performance Equipment

Many horses are bred for performance and if you intend to compete on your animal, you’ll need to expose him to the proper equipment long before your first competition. If you’re training a rodeo horse, you need to make sure he is comfortable with cows, ropes and barrels, depending upon which event you intend to enter. If you are more interested in the English riding style, investing in horse jump equipment may be a good idea.

Desensitizing Equipment

Because calm horses are safe animals and can be trusted in a variety of situations, the goal of having a well-trained horse should be desensitizing it to common disturbances. You can accomplish this by using common household items to help your horse overcome his natural fear. Flap empty trash bags to get him used to waving objects or pop balloons to expose him to loud noises. Let him examine your vehicle while it is running so he becomes accustomed to it. Expose him to as many items as possible so he doesn’t spook easily.

Training your own horse gives you the chance to forge a strong bond with it. Although the process is challenging, it can be incredibly rewarding when done correctly. Invest in these three types of equipment to make sure you create a solid foundation for proper training.

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