3 Trends To Make You Crave Summer

Slacking on self-care is typical during the winter months. Between the harsh weather and holiday stress, it’s easy to fall behind on personal care. As the days become longer, and the warm weather creeps in, it becomes apparent how severely unprepared one can be for the summer. In a panic, most people rely on what is familiar to get ready for the warm weather. For some people, it’s shedding those extra pounds at the gym, while others run to the best laser hair removal spa Manhattan can offer. It’s a wise decision to stick to what you know, but there’s no harm in adding a little zest to your summer image. Mix up your tried-and-true routines with these fun summer trends!

Protecting Skin From Pollution

If the number one enemy of the skin is sun exposure, then pollution is next in line. According to Our World In Data, 95% of the world’s population is exposed to an unsafe level of air pollution and can affect your skin health. Skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles and dark spots are results that quickly develop from living in heavily polluted areas. Adding a skincare product that protects against pollution should become just as vital to your skin care routine as sun protection.

Sky High Lashes

Wearing heavy makeup in the summer heat can be unbearable, especially when you are in a rush. This season, you won’t need eye shadow or liner, because your lashes alone are the whole look. This Twiggy-inspired look can be dramatic or dainty, depending on what your day looks like.  Either way, this spider lash style makes a statement and cuts down the stress applying perfect eye makeup.

The New ’90s

From miniskirts and tube tops to platform sneakers, the ’90s supermodel vibe is back this summer. This minimalist approach to fashion provides a nice transition from cuddling in cozy winter pajamas to taking a summer stroll in a comfortable slip dress. Take a look at what outfits you already own, or consider getting a new wardrobe for the season. We’ve all been waiting for the opportunity to jump back onto the ’90s bandwagon, and this year is the time to start.

The transition from season to season doesn’t have to be tough on your body or mind. Along with applying some personal care, you can find which trends inspire you and embrace them. When the summer finally arrives, you’ll be confident and ready!

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