3 Tiered Shower Caddy

I am always looking for ways to keep our bathroom tidy, with 5 people in our family, the products we use can pile up in a flash and counter space and cabinet space is always at a premium. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Treehut had the solution for my dilemma, with this 3 tiered shower caddy. It is stainless steel and fits perfectly in the corner of our shower to hold everything my family uses in one handy spot.

I love that it is stainless steel to keep it from rusting, and the rubber coated feet of the unit keep it from sliding or scratching the shower! I love that the shelves are generously sized to hold 3 bottles comfortably.

This 3 Tiered Shower Caddy has really helped to keep things looking organized and tidy in my bathroom. I have been pleased with the results it offers and the appearance of the caddy.

This TreeHut product retails for about $50, but it is a good investment in an organized shower. It is also very durable and won’t rust. This will be a shower caddy we use for many years, and based on my past experiences with Treehut products I know it will look as good as it does today in the years to come. Keeping this 3 tiered shower caddy clean is as easy as wiping it down when you clean your bathroom.

I have been pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a compact way to store their shower products. It would be a great gift idea as well!

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