3 Things You Need to Know About Pregnancy

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Being pregnant will bring a lot of changes to a future mother’s life. These changes can be both physical and emotional. Some of those changes are known by most people.

Those changes include possible food cravings, frequent urination, and mood swings. These are caused by the rise of hormones in the woman’s body.  But there are some things about pregnancy that women should know about. Certain misconceptions that come from wrong information cause some women to not be at their healthiest during their pregnancy. Read some of them below if you are pregnant or know someone who is pregnant so that you can be better educated about the things that pregnant women go through.

  1. You don’t need to give up exercise – many people, not just pregnant women, think that once they get pregnant, they need to stop any physical activity, especially exercise. That is not true, in fact, physical activities are a must for pregnant women. If you were already physically active before getting pregnant, there is no reason not to continue. For those who are not active, they should begin doing low-impact exercises. Research has been done that showed that women who include exercises in their routine gave birth to babies with healthy hearts. Pregnant ladies just need to consult their doctors on the kind of exercise they can do.


  1. You won’t necessarily gain a lot of weight – some women who are apprehensive about being pregnant feel that way due to the weight gain they will have. But the truth is, there are actually women who do not start showing until the third trimester of their pregnancy. For others, they even lose weight during the first trimester, mainly due to morning sickness. The feeling of nausea causes many women to stick to a bland diet during the first trimester. Gaining weight does not necessarily mean that the baby is healthy. What is important is that pregnant women are eating healthy and nutritious food, not to mention taking prenatal vitamins prescribed by their doctors.


  1. Bleeding can occur during pregnancy – many believe that the first and most noticeable sign of pregnancy is a missed period. That is why many re afraid when they see some bloody discharge when they have already confirmed their pregnancy. But they need not worry, as these can either be implantation bleeding or spotting. The two are different from each other. Implantation bleeding happens during the early part of pregnancy. It happens during the time when a woman’s period is supposed to arrive. The implantation is when the embryo attaches itself to the lining of the uterus, which may cause slight bleeding, and does not affect the baby at all. Meanwhile, spotting can happen at any time during the pregnancy, from the beginning up until the baby has been delivered. Normally, women do not need to worry about spotting, but they should still mention it to their doctors to make sure that her baby is safe and healthy.


Are you still confused about the difference between spotting or implantation bleeding? Then check out the site so that you will be given more specific details about these normal occurrences for pregnant women.


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