3 Reasons a Mom Should Earn Her MBA

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Let’s face it, being a mom is a full time job, and depending on the number of children you are trying to raise, it can feel like two or three full-time jobs.  Many moms give up their career to stay home and raise a child.  That does not have to be the case with the progression of online colleges.  They allow you to earn your degree while at home and at your own pace.  This is the perfect situation for a stay at home mom.  Here we are going to cover three reasons a mom should earn her MBA.

Is the Online MBA as Rigorous as the Campus-Based MBA Program?

We all have schedules to keep whether that is at home or at work.  Colleges are more forgiving about that fact than ever before.  By offering online courses that you can take at your own pace, colleges have seen enrollment increase.  If you are not aware of how online colleges work, the first thing you might be asking “is the online MBA accredited?”  The short answer would be yes.  The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accredits most online MBA courses.

Three Reasons to Earn Your MBA

Besides the fact that you are going to learn some very valuable skills while earning your degree, getting your MBA will help you with career advancement if you decide at a later stage to go to work.  Skills, career advancement and overall confidence are three reasons that moms should earn an MBA while staying home with the children.  Even though you are going to earn your MBA degree online, online courses are not watered down or easier.  The curriculum is the same and you are learning from experts.  The skills taught can also help while raising your children.

Learn Skills That Help at Home

Communication is a major role in a successful career, as well as being a successful mother.  You are going to be dealing with the best negotiators that you ever ran into and the skills that you learn while taking online courses will help.  Becoming a good leader is also something that you will be taught. There are multiple ways this helps you at home and in other areas of your life.  Take the skills that you learn while attending an online college and apply them at home to make things easier.  During the process of earning your degree online, there is only a small residency requirement.  That is, you must attend the campus for a Leadership Challenge class within the first two semesters of the program.  Other than that, you are at home with the kids and learning online at the same time.

There is a lot that goes into being a mom and that can leave little time to extend your education.  Attending on online college can open many doors for you and should be on the list of any mother that is hoping to get back to work once the children get older.

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