3 Inspiring Self Publishing Success Stories

According to Publisher’s Weekly, each year over 1.7 million books are self-published. The vast majority of them never see any commercial success. That can be a daunting reality for many first-time authors looking to self-publish. 

Still, mixed in with all the failures, some self-published authors have found consistent success. Today we are going to give all you first-time authors out there some hope by going over three inspiring self-publishing success stories, so stay tuned.

Madhu Einsiedler | What Highly Effective People Don’t Tell You: A Quest for Success & Growth

Madhu Einsiedler is a successful author, business coach and personal development expert, she usually works with large organizations to foster their brand and help their employees achieve personal growth. Although she holds an MBA from Texas A&M she lives and works in Austria. 

When Einsiedler decided it was time to publish a book of all that she had learned thus far in her career, she struggled to find a place that would help her publish as a first-time author based in Europe. Then she found Gatekeeper Press, a self-publisher that provides consistent support and advice for first-time authors. 

Einsiedler was able to publish her book, with the proper illustrations, because of the help of Gatekeeper and the book has received rave reviews ever since. There’s only one copy left on Amazon right now too, so if you want to get a copy, don’t wait!

Mark Dawson |  The John Milton Series

Mark Dawson is one of the most well-known self-publishing authors around. Dawson’s story has been featured in Forbes, USA Today and a number of other news outlets, because of his amazing ability to turn a profit from self-publishing ventures on Amazon. He’s become a self-publishing guru of sorts, dishing out advice to newcomers in the industry on his website selfpublishingformula.com. 

Dawson wasn’t an immediate success however, his first few books were actually flops that barely sold enough to make a profit. Then after giving away one of his books for free on Amazon, Dawson developed a following and began publishing assassin thriller novels called the John Milton Series. He found almost immediate success releasing the series on Amazon as a self-publisher. 

These days Dawson has continued his prolific writing, pumping out over twenty books in the past eight years alone. He’s become a best-seller on Amazon and in USA Today’s annual rankings. Clearly, self-publishing is not only a viable method for success in publishing, it’s the way of the future. After all, why share your earnings with an old school publisher if you can make millions without them.  

Elise Kova | Air Awakens Series

Elise Kova is another self-published USA Today bestselling author. Her Air Awakens Series has been consistently selling out on Amazon and has received over 1000 5-star reviews. 

Not long ago, however, Kova was working a regular job for a fortune 500 company after receiving her MBA. That’s when she decided she needed a change, so she began writing the Air Awakens Series. As a first time author, Kova struggled to find a place for her novel. She eventually found Gatekeeper Press and as they say, the rest is history. 

Kova was able to quit her full-time job and launch into a new career as an author of fantasy/romance novels. The success just keeps coming these days for Kova with each new release in the Air Awakens series. 

Of course, the reality is the vast majority of self-publishers never find any real semblance of success. Still, there are thousands of authors out there who make a great living through their writing so don’t be discouraged. If you have a great idea for a book, write it and try self-publishing, there are limited start-up costs and you never know how successful you might be. That makes it well worth the shot. 

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