3 Ideas For A Birthday Party Your Little Girl Will Never Forget

For a child, there’s perhaps nothing more exciting than an upcoming birthday party. It’s a day when all of their friends come together with gifts, and they get to enjoy games and treats. For some, their best childhood memories are made at a special birthday party.

If you’re looking to create an unforgettable event for your daughter, try one of these three incredible birthday party ideas for girls.

Swimming with Mermaids

Pool parties will never go out of style. If you have a summer baby, you can plan on an outdoor event or swap the pool for a beach. If you have a winter baby, heading to a local indoor pool is a great way to get a taste of the summer and keep the mess out of your house.

The only thing that can make a pool party better is inviting real-life mermaids. Paired with a gift from www.starwalkkids.com/, a mermaid pool party makes for the best day ever.

Look to local companies who have experienced mermaids for hire. These actresses often come adorned with a spectacular monofin in which they’re trained to swim. Party add-ons include things like small monofins and mermaid swimming lessons, as well as photoshoots and mermaid makeovers.

If your daughter dreams of frolicking in the waves with a mermaid, this party promises to be one that she’ll never forget.

Indoor or Outdoor Glamping Party

Camping is fun, but glamping is better. This is another summer-inspired party that can be adapted to fit the winter months with an indoor session. 

For the outdoor version, set up teepees and glamping tents in the backyard and encourage the attendees to bring their favorite pajamas and blankets. Roast marshmallows, sip hot cocoa and enjoy the sounds of the evening. A glamping party doesn’t have to be an overnight event; you can have a “half-sleepover” and send the kids home in the evening.

For the indoor version, set up the forts and tents with a fake campfire in the middle. Cook smores in the oven and tell spooky stories with ambient background music.

Make this a true glamping event with some simple spa treatments to unwind and relax. You can even hire companies that will come set up the event and pack up after, so you can join in on the relaxation as well.

DIY Art Party

For the creative little girl in your life, host a DIY art party. This event can be similar to the “Paint Night” events that have become so popular at bars and restaurants or a free-for-all. 

Get some great supplies and inspiration from MiniandMaximus, and give the kids room to show their creative talent. Make the event more special by filling cheap art pallets with frosting and sprinkles and invite the kids to decorate their own cupcakes. This is a fun alternative to the traditional birthday cake ceremony that your little girl will love.

Cap it all off by providing frames for the artwork and hanging them to dry gallery style so the parents can see as they come in. Give art supplies in the loot bags for a sugar-free alternative to treats.

Invoke Your Inner Child

The best way to plan a little girl’s birthday party is to invoke your inner child and let fun lead the way. Take pictures to commemorate the occasion so your little girl can relive it time and time again.

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