3 Bags You Didnt Know How to Incorporate into Your Office Outfit

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When we consider office outfits and purses, we probably have in mind tote bags or handbags, box bags and shoulder bags along the lines of the Prada Saffiano, the Birkin, and the Celine Box and so on. Active women love a good large bag to carry around everything they need for work and life and a few other items as well. There is a long lasting relationship between women and their purses and we all know a well chosen purse is a symbol of taste and elegance, especially if it is high quality.

There are several rules women need to follow when picking their perfect office bag for their perfect business attire: they should be comfortable, durable and versatile, all in all. But there are trends and interesting concepts which go beyond the classic shoulder bag or tote or the ladylike briefcases we see women wear. Let’s see three bags that women don’t usually associate with office outfits and how to incorporate them in chic business attires.

1. The Waist Pouch Bag

 3 Bags You Didnt Know How to Incorporate into Your Office Outfit

Waist pouches are considered a thing of the nineties, especially the canvas ones, associated mostly with men and confined these days to the sports and athletic accessories department. But a fashionable leather or faux leather waist pouch can be that exact refined missing piece of an active’s woman outfit – if she incorporates it in high style.

  • A black waist pouch that looks stylish and not sporty can complete a black & white office street-smart outfit with no problems. You can carry your keys, smartphone and wallet, personal papers and a few makeup products.
  • This is an excellent choice for women who favor a more minimalistic approach to purses and bags and who don’t have to carry bricks every morning when they go to work.
  • Keep in mind the waist pouch is versatile enough to accompany a hot jeans-and-tank-top outfit downtown for drinks and parties.

2. The Vintage Messenger Bag

 3 Bags You Didnt Know How to Incorporate into Your Office Outfit

A high quality vintage messenger bag is a symbol of versatility and taste when it comes to mixing and matching your outfit with your purse. A high quality vintage messenger bag in canvas or leather can carry around your laptop or tablet, personal items and work related stuff. Don’t ever think only travelers or chic yuppies wear such bags, they fit all ages and personal styles.

  • You can wear one included in a casual chic outfit with skinny jeans or trousers and flat ballerina shoes or strappy sandals in hot summer days.
  • It goes great with anything denim – especially if you choose one in a brown vintage palette and match it with some ankle high boots in the fall.
  • It also makes a perfect companion when travelling for business or for pleasure and also meets your after-work needs: you can take it on a casual night outing or to the gym after business hours.

3. The Stylish Clutch

 3 Bags You Didnt Know How to Incorporate into Your Office Outfit

Clutches are not usually the purses to consider when going to work, and surely high end glam clutches don’t match a corporate and serious business environment. But if you took a good look at fashion shows, movies and magazines, you understood the clutch has its own rightful place in a business attire and environment.

  • The stylish clutch is perfect for those active women who work all day and have to attend business meetings or formal cocktail gatherings right after work hours, not having time to go home and change the outfit.
  • A stylish clutch can add some sparkle to a rather demure office outfit or even sometimes tone down a flashier outfit.
  • As clutches go, you can pick a classic one in leather or faux leather and a universally accepted color – like black – or you can go off the beaten path and pick one in nude. Just like nude shoes, which are the ultimate go-to accessories for business outfits, a nude clutch matches all colors and outfit combinations.
  • Granted, clutches can’t carry around your laptop and personal belongings, but they don’t have to: the clutch is one of those office accessories dedicated to women who either use a hip briefcase for work only, or hold such job positions that they don’t need to carry many things besides their cell phone and credit cards.

Do you have any other types of bags besides the classic ones you’d like to incorporate into your office outfits? Would you carry around a waist pouch or a messenger bag when going to work?

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    I am a frequent flyer and I do travel a lot. Usually, I need a high capacity backpack for accessories.
    If it comes in pink and good design, it will be awesome. Do you have any good recommendation on this?
    Thanks for your tips and please keep it up.

  2. says

    Your point about going beyond the average briefcase or shoulder bag is a valid one. Your collective rules for an office bag seem substantially on target.

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