15 Mother’s Day Craft Ideas (Plus 151 More!!)

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I am sure if you are a mom you are pretty aware that Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Being a mom doesn’t mean that it’s just about us, even though sometimes we might wish it is. I recently decided to do fun little projects for each of the  holidays (even the little ones) to help celebrate it with my kids. Even though Mother’s day is supposed to be about us Moms I thought it would be fun to help them make a craft to help celebrate “Me.” As bad as that sounds, but they are little and they don’t know how to say thank you beyond just saying it. They need a little guidance. I wanted to find a variety of crafts that we could do for both me and their Nana. Here is a list of stuff that I found on the web that I thought I would share with you.

  1.  Monogrammed for Mom 
  2. Coupon Book For Mom 
  3. Flower Card
  4. Painted Flower Pot (I think this would be good to use hand prints!)
  5. Mother’s Day Photo Booklet 
  6. Mother’s Day Flower Photo 
  7. Our Family T.V
  8. Mommy’s Plaster Plaque
  9. Coffee Filter Flowers 
  10. Mother’s Day Basket 
  11. Silhouette Craft
  12. Mother’s Day Pop Up Flower
  13. Daffodil Flower Picture Magnet 
  14. Mother’s Day Word Puzzles 
  15. Butterfly Mobile 


Between the 15 I listed above and the  151 Mother’s Day Crafts ideas that you can find on that link you should have a pretty good idea where to start. I know I do. We have already done number six. Now remember these were not my ideas. I am not creative at all and depend on the web for my ideas! So please be sure to stop by and tell these wonderful creative people thank you for sharing the ideas and pictures!!


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  1. Jennifer Frank-Lopez says

    Aw I love the hand print flower pots. I may have to get my niece & nephew to make them for my sister for Mother’s Day

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