Rock N Learn Sight Words 2 DVD: Making Reading Fun!

August is just around the corner. What does that mean? If you don’t have a school age child it means nothing, but if you do it means school time is nearing. School time for little ones  is like an exciting adventure. They don’t know wither to be excited or nervous. One way you can make it a little easier for them is use Rock N Learn DVD’s.

I think Rock N Learn is the greatest educational tool for every school age children. I recently got a chance to review their newly released Rock N Learn Sight Words 2. My oldest is fixing to enter Kindergarten. Last week we were traveling to visit family it’s a six hour drive. I thought that the drive would be a perfect time to break out Sight Words 2.  During the second time watching it I heard both my 5 year old and 3 year old signing along with the DVD.  We have a dog and she got to come with us this time. When I was walking her my son (the 5 year old) proudly told me “Hey, did you know dog is spelled D O G.”  I have not worked with him on spelling D O G yet. He learned this just after watching Sight Words 2 twice! I was very impressed.

Some of the words Sight Words 2 covers are :

  • use • your • words
  • like • this • new • but • old • too
  • what • bear • black • brown • white
  • do • did • eat • ate • ran • say • four
  • dog • they • are • all • under • trees
  • who • will • be • good • at • am
  • he • came • by • get • her • went • ride • boat
  • yes • or • no • please • thank
  • that • pretty • was • on • she • saw • with
  • our • must • have • had • now
  • want • into • room • out
  • when • were • there • so • soon • well

I love watching my kids being excited about learning. With Rock N Learn DVD’s it does just that. It encourages children to learn and it makes it fun for them. If you want to make learning a little more enjoyable for your children then Rock N Learn DVD’s are for you!!

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