100% Natural Baby Food from Beech-Nut

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

When it comes to feeding my baby, Harper, I want to offer her nutritious foods that are made with healthy ingredients, but I want her food to taste appealing too. I am not a fan of that moment when Harper realizes I am feeding her something that tastes gross and she sends it back my way in the form of a cry…baby food is spit everywhere… yeah you get the picture.

When my son was a baby we were big fans of Beech-Nut. Not only did they offer flavors he liked, but also we found the people who worked at Beech-Nut to be very nice. When it came time to begin feeding Harper I knew what brand we would be using.

When we saw Beech-Nut had introduced a line of 100% Natural Real Food for Babies, I knew my girl would like the combinations of flavors.


Harper got to sample a few flavors. She loved the just Honey-crisp Apples. Harper loves apples and these didn’t disappoint her discerning palate.




Harper surprised me by liking the just Green Beans. She usually refuses anything green and it will take 3 days to feed her one jar of green beans or peas. These must have been the best she has ever had because she ate the entire jar in one sitting and I didn’t end up wearing them. Harper has tried Just Carrots and Just Sweet Potatoes also and she was happy with both options, which says a lot about the flavors. In fact she liked them so much she cried when the meal ended.

The new line of food Beech-Nut offers for babies is made with simple, natural ingredients. The fact that Beech-Nut is going non GMO makes me feel even better about feeding my beautiful daughter Beechnut products. The jars retail for about $1.04 in my area, but if you are looking for the best in baby food you will be satisfied with the product for the price.

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