10 Must Have Product’s for Diaper Bags

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I have been a mom for six years now. Which means I have carried a diaper bag for six years and I am still doing it. It was until recently when my diaper bag was stolen that I faced a problem similar to the image above, an empty diaper bag. I had to start all over and fill an empty diaper bag of stuff that I needed for Carly. It’s sad to say I honestly had to stop and think about what I had in my diaper bag. What were the must have items?

Diapers: That’s the obvious one. But the question is how many diapers do you need. I tend to keep around six-eight diapers in my bag at all times. 

Wipes: Another obvious one. I keep a travel size bucket full at all times. Wipes are good for more than cleaning butts!! (They work good on getting food out of clothes right away!) (Look bellow for instructions to make your own!)

Diaper Cream: this one is obvious as well, but can be more important for others. All three of my children have very sensitive skin, so I always keep some kind of diaper rash cream on me at all times!

Changing Pad/Blanket: I honestly hate changing pads. To me they just take up space. I use blankets. My kids are blanket babies and I always have at least one blanket with me. It works just as good.

Antibacterial Wipes or Soap: Little ones get sick so easy and quick. It’s very important to be washing hands all the time and be extra careful with germs especially in the winter.

Feeding Supplies: This will vary depending on what age your child(s) is. You will either need bottles, formula, sippy cups, and snacks. Hungry or thirsty kids make for an unhappy kid.  I also like to keep a special snack in the diaper bag like suckers to award the kids if they are being very good on a day out.

Change of Clothes:  It’s very important to have an extra set of clothes for children until they are potty trained. They could wet through diapers, spill something on their clothes, or if you are potty training they could have an accident. We live 30 miles from where we shop so it’s not always easy to go home and get a change of clothes.

Pain Reliever: You never know when your little one will spike a fever. Especially if they are teething. I would always keep some form of teething relief and pain reliever. My motto is “better be safe than sorry!”

TOYS: I capitalized toys because believe it or not it’s often forgotten. It’s important to have little items to keep kids entertain while you are the road. I don’t know how many times having a little toy for my kid to play with has saved my day and insanity!

Stuff For Mom: I always have a few things in there for me. I have said more than once I don’t carry a purse I carry a diaper bag. In the diaper bag I always have my wallet, some pain relief for me (I get headaches easy!), and a brush.

Homemade Baby Wipes


  • Strong paper towels work the best (for example, Brawny).
  • 2 cups water
  • 1/2 cup of baby oil
  • 1/2 cup baby magic baby bath


  1. Cut one roll of paper towels in half.
  2. Take out the core so wipes pull out of the center.
  3. Place 1/2 roll of paper towels in container.
  4. Pour solution over towels.
  5. Store in container. Makes 2 1/2 rolls.

What’s a must have for your diaper bag?? 


  1. I use a homemade wipe solution with my cloth wipes and I love it. I wish they made diaper bags larger to accommodate cloth diapers. They are a lot thicker than disposables. I have a Skip Hop bag now and I love the stroller clip features. Those are a life saver.

  2. Well I dont have children yet but My Diaper bag will have gogo squeeze in them! they are great for both mommy and baby!! I eat them now when Im on the go 🙂

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